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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> rising waters are threatening property in the north bay as flood warnings go up and authorities caution residents to be prepared for the worst. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> good evening, i'm maureen naylor, heather holmes is off tonight we're on storm watch. we have team camera tonight. meteorologist mark tamayo will detail when the next storm will hit and we begin with ktvu's lorraine
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lorraine blanco live in napa. >> reporter: the flood warning runs through the night and so does the sandbag operation. city workers say residents have filled 40,000 tons of sand. near the napa river many spent is their saturday blocking openings in case the river overflows its bank. as for downtown, city leaders tell us napas a years long project is two-thirds complete and believe those measures will protect the area. >> we're looking at our modeling and our flood project improvements and we're anticipating that what we have done to protect the community from flooding will keep the river in its banks within the city based on the projections of rainfall amounts. >> reporter:
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city leaders and member of the flood district will meet torte. if it rains more than expected they will open a emergency center to send out help wherever needed live in napa, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the russian river is also creating avenuity for sonoma county residents where the river expected to get dangerously close to flood stage in the next few hours. ktvu's jade hernandez was in flood-prone guerneville and joins us live from a fire station in forestville. >> reporter: that is right, the roads are wet and there has been steady light rain since sundown. it appears threats of nearby guerneville are going to see how much rain they get before they start filling their own sandbags. they took orders by phone, so customers could honker down into today's study, but light rain. >> everyone is talking about it and said this is minor
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compared how to it has been. >> reporter: shirley banner remembers of flood of '86 where the russian river rose to 17' above flood level. >> everybody comes by here to go to the bridge and see how high it is. >> reporter: in the dark it's hard to tell but the national weather service reports that the river is well below any flooding stage. residents are used to watching and waiting. >> they should be prepared and everything ready to go and have food in the house. >> i think that i'm going to just watch it for the next few days. >> reporter: his art along with the pieces from several other artists are hung up high.
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>> reporter: the national weather service expects the russian river to reach flood stages in the guerneville area monday report. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain is causing problems in the sierra. there expected to be major flooding near lake tahoe tomorrow. the wet weather system is expected to bring 3-5" of rain to the tahoe area tomorrow. homer homeowners are bracing for possible property damage. another powerful storm racing towards the bay area, of course we had rain showers this evening, but this is nothing compared to what we'll be picking up as we head into sunday morning. right now on live stormtracker 2, you can pick out of coverage and the live doppler sweep. not a lot of coverage to show you as you can see as we move
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the maps around. scattered rain showers out there. towards the santa cruz mountains, moderate rain towards 17. as we continue to move the maps towards san carlos and redwood city, you will notice more activity closer to the half moon bay area, moving onshore and up in the north bay. here we are picking up least a widespread rainfall towards fairfield and up in parts of sonoma coming up next you saw our live shots with the coverage towards cloverdale and guerneville. 4.1' right now going up above flood stage. look at that dramatic jump with the river state your name for tomorrow afternoon. just over 21', healdsburg, 7.8'. russian river at guerneville currently checking in water level have been going up. right now 19.8', of course these numbers can change, but
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that is latest for the river forecast center. na river at st. helena, and also napa river at napa, flood warning currently at 11.2'. could be just right around flood stage tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. heaviest rain moves movement youth i will let you know when it moves in across the entire bay area and how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. recent rains have created a mess at rohner park. a vier sent us these pictures. as you can see the water wait is clogged with mud, tree branches and debris. the public works department says that the county is responsible for this clean-up r. bun person was injured whey roofer collapsed during heavy rain at the roseville galleria shopping mall. the roof fell near the entrance of the jc penney store and cheesecake restaurant.
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pg&e says it has crewed on standby ready for any power outages that come during the next round of wet weather. meanwhile there is still 250 outages across the bay area. more than half of those are in the south bay. pg&e says it's ready to respond to any desruptions. >> travelers going through san francisco airport faced delay because of low visibility. the pass ofthe san josi and oakland airports did not experience any significant delays. our storm watch continues on-line. we put a link to the forecast center website. that is where you can monitor the current levels of russian and napa rivers. to find the link go to and click on the storm watch tab. just about an hour ago there were some tense moments in oakland as several people surrendered to police in
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connection with a series of armed robberies. now we want to show you about 9:00 near 63rd and market streets in north oakland. at one point, four people came out of a home, walking backwards towards officers who took them into custody. >> looks like we have multiple robberys. investigators didn't is say exactly what was stolen, only that pedestrians were involved. we're going to have more on this story as details become available, coming up tomorrow on mornings on 2. >> the bay area is starting to feel the impact of a major strike at post los angeles and long beach. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in the newsroom and confirmed at least one cargo ship has been diverted to. >> reporter: normally it could with stopped in southern california, but there is no one on the job to unload the cargo. on a rainy saturday night, cranes and dock workers were in motion at the port of oakland,
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unloading the latest ship to arrive. in southern california, a storm of a different kind has brought business to a standstill at the port of los angeles and long beach. the two busiest ports in the state. longshoremen walked off the job to support about00 clerical workers who have been on strike since tuesday. >> all of our containers are on the ocean and off of the coast of california and monday we'll find out if they have been diverted. >> others have been diverted. so far nine cargo ships have headed to other ports including oakland. >> there may be a few ships that come through oakland, but those are ones that normally make the call here. >> reporter: longshoremen are downplaying the impact on the port of oakland and say they will stay on-the-job while their counterparts in southern california continue. now they have a tentative agreement. workers say the latest contract fight in l.a. is about more than money. >> we have got big companies
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that are outsourcing good jobs and hurting families, and i think people are fed up with it. >> well, it's too soon to say how much extra traffic could come through oakland. they are working the labor dispute in southern california very closely. a firefighter was briefly hospitalized today after fighting a two-alarm fire at an historic building near the san francisco zoo. flames broke out around 1:00 p.m. at the fleishhacker pool building. fire officials say a firefighter inhaled smoke and was treated at the hospital and released shortly after. next door the san francisco zoo closed after the fire was reported to accommodate crews who kneed access to the building. officials tell us that the fire appears to be suspicious. when it was built back in 1925 it was the largest swimming pool in the u.s.. berkeley police say two people are under arrest in a stabbing near the uc campus.
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a uc official says the victim wandered into the courtyard of student housing trailing blood around 2:00 yesterday. emergency crews took the man to a hospital. he was not affiliated with the university. later berkeley police arrested two people in connection with that attack. new developments tonight in the case of an autistic girl who walked away from a residential treatment center and turned up two days later assaulted. the 16-year-old's parents say she has the mental capacity of a second grader. the teen walked away from the center tuesday evening, according to the ceo the girl was followed by staff as she walked to the fruitvale bart station where the staff lost sight her as she was talking to a groupn young men. a muni driver found her thursday night in san francisco. teen's parents say she had been beaten and sexually assaulted. a police department
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employee targeted in a home- invasion robbery. the stolen item that is raising concern. protesters in mexico as the country as new president takes office and what provos he claim that the leader did to win his new role. >>
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. our storm watch continues we want to show you a live picture of forestville in sonoma county. as can you see the wind and
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rain is coming down there. this is about a mile or so south of the russian river on a hilltop in sonoma county near river road. it's also the location where a fire station is situated and the people who work at that station are bound to be busy tomorrow because we're expecting a lot more rain. tonight's rain is ahead of tomorrow's early morning storm, the third an final round of rain for the bay area. >> a me invasion in east bay sent a man to the hospital and neighbors on edge. what the assailants took from the police department employee. >> reporter: it's a quiet tree-lined street with a neighborhood school and neighborhood watch group u-so why are the neighbors here so worried? >> home invasions and robberies are taking place more often around here. >> reporter: this homeowner didn't want to go on-camera out of fear for her family's safety. >> so they kicked it in here. >> reporter: but she showed us shoe prints on the door when three home
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invasion robbers forced their wie into her house last night. her grandson was home and he was pistol-whipped in the attack. police confirm he is a police department employee, attending the academy to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a police officer. ktvu sources tell us that the robbers stole the officers in training service weapon and bulletproof vest. residents got an e-mail alert from their neighborhood watch group give it's getting worse and worse in this area. >> it's economical. >> looks like a nice neighborhood. >> it doesn't, doesn't? well, it's getting worse. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to say the crimes are getting more frequent and more brazen. this one took place right under the watchful eye of a neighborhood watch sign. >> we can never count on t police up here. we're pretty much on our own. >> reporter: what do you think needs to be done with about it? >> more patrols, but we can't afford that. the city can't afford that. they are already cut back. >> reporter: ironically the victim of this
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home invasion is part of the city's effort to beef up its crime-fighting force. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight in an apparent home-invasion robbery in the upscale south bay community of monte sereno that left a wealthy venture captive dead. police believe several people were inside the home of raveesh kumra's home. police did provide this sketch of a possible assailant described as a while the or hispanic, 23 or 24 years old, 6' tall, thing with black hair and dark eyes. raveesh kumra owned a consultant company and headquarters are lloyds a monte sereno home. the 66-year-old also once owned the well-known saratoga mountain winery in the 1990. investigators say the teen
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boy was found shot every times in this neighborhood on pacific avenue near lincoln just after 11:last night. police say victim appeared to be 17 years old of his name has not been released. authorities say this killing may be gang-related. it is the cities a 43rd home this year, and that matches a 20-year high that was set in 1997. police launch an investigation after a man's body was found at a muni station at the 3rd station rail station at mission and rock streets. the man's body was found on the station's platform. a natural gas leak in stockton forced more than 00 people from their homes. it started about 8:30 this morning after pg&e crews found a 6" gas line ruptured tier
11:50 pm
minor avenue. the escaping gas sent dirt and debris flying. the fire department ordered the evacuation of six blocks of houses. the utility said it doesn't know what caused that leak. president obama pushed lawmakers to prevent the so- called fall off the fiscal cliff. >> every family will see their income taxes automatically go up. a typical middle-class family of four will see taxes rise by $2200. >> the president taped his address yesterday during a visit to a toy factory in hatfield, pennsylvania. he said allowing taxes to rise for the middle-class would amount to a lump of coal for americans at christmas time. mexican president-elect enrique pena nieto took office today talking about the challenges that face his nation. >> we are a nation that is going at two different speeds one that is progress and development, but there is another mexico, that lives in
11:51 pm
the abandonment and poverty. >> president nieto says the inauguration marked the return of the institutional revolutionary party after 12 years out of presidential mansion. at least four demonstrators and four police officers were injured. 65 people were arrested. those opposed to mr. nieto says he used handout and giveaways to sway voters. . authorities say a linebacker for the kansas city chiefs killed his girlfriend and turned the gun on himself in front of his coach and manager. police arrived at practice facility when he saw jovan
11:52 pm
belcher with a gun to his head. >> he heard that they had been arguing in the past as far as recently they had been arguing before this morning. >> belcher and his girlfriend leave behind a 3-month-old daughter. the baby is being cared for by relatives. in casper, wyoming police say a computer science instructor whose son killed him at a community college yesterday showed courage's instructed his students to leave the room while he fended off his son. police say earlier in the day the young are krumm stabbed to death his father's girlfriend. krumm had no significant history of encounters with police an oregon man is recovering after being bitten by a shark while snorkeling in maui. >> you have to look at this while the emt told me on the
11:53 pm
way here, you could have had this or been struck by lightning, the odds about the same. >> 691-year-old says he was 250 yards over shore what the shark attacked him yesterday. kennedy says the shark let go and he swam as fast as he could to his paddleboard to get help. this is the fourth shark attack off maui since october. officials closed off a two-mile section of beaches a precaution. saying goodbye to a legendary fighter. the way fans remembered the boxer hector camacho as he was laid to rest. a tunnel collapses on a
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what are you doing there?
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. we tcp/ip our storm watch camera tonight this is a live look at interstate 880 in oakland and you can see it pretty easily there of the wind is shaking this camera around. the roads are wet out there. we saw on stormtracker 2 most the rain is working it's way out, but meteorologist mark tamayo says the winds are 22 miles per hour. >> two member of a church group heading to a conference were kid when their driver apparently got lost and crashed into an offpass at the miami airport. all 30 people on board were hurt, many of them elderly. the driver sitting lower than the passengers was not injured of the airport says the area is marked with fines warning tall vehicles to turn. in news of the world in egypt there were competing
11:57 pm
protesters as president mohamed morsi announced a mid-december vote on a controversial draft constitution. thousands of people came out today in support of president morsi's proposed constitution. the demonstrators were mostly ms of muslim brotherhood. meanwhile critics of president morsi continue to protest in tahrir square. in syria today as the internet was restored in much of the country new images of violence emerged. syrian opposition groups say this video shows the aftermath of government shelling as people run with children to local hospitals and to safety. the syrian government blamed rebels for cutting the communicatiolines, but the opposition says the assad regime caused theblackout.
11:58 pm
there are reports that a number of cars caught fire and at least three of the cars were crushed. a local firefighter reported that the tunnel's developmentlation system was malfunctioning and it's making it hard to navigate the scene. a japan continues and report says the mudslide triggered the collapse of the ceiling. family friends and fans gathered outside of the funeral for hector camacho. the champion boxer was fatally shot november 20th in puerto rico as he sat with a friend in the car. camacho was 50 years old. winds in colorado whipped up a long smoldering wildfire that start back in okay, burning in and around rocky mountain national park. in all 1500 acres have burned
11:59 pm
and the fire is only 40% contained. federal officials say more collaboration is needed to help fight huge wildfires and restore burn areas. wildfires burned more than 9 million acres this year and experts say overall conditions are getting worse with fire season lasting now two months longer and more red- flag warnings and disappearing snow pack. federal officials would like to see communities and up the utilities more involved in restoration first efforts. and after 50 years the end of an error for the u.s.s. enterprise. a look back at its front row view of history. a remainder you can get ktvu news to
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. well, depending where you are in the bay area it's pretty much been wet most day and it's going to get a lot worse. >> get ready overnight tonight the rainfall rates really pick up and that will be a problem getting too much rain anyway short amount of time is a big concern. that is going to happen first thing sunday morning. right now the heaviest rain is to the north. right now on live stormtracker 2 there is the live doppler sweep and you notice a lot of breaks in the action with the bulk of activity in the northern portions the bay area. in addition, to the rainfall we have some winds basically out of south around 20-26 miles per hour. and wind speeds will continue to pick up as we head into the
12:03 am
overnight hours. we'll take this into the overnight hours and look at what happens first thing tomorrow morning. excessive rainfall rates our morning show starts early to cover the time of the heaviest rain first thing tomorrow morning. even if you are not in all of these areas shaded in green you will still encounter a significant batch of moisture pushing through the region. some of the forecast models suggesting about an inch of rain in three hour. i will repeat that, an inch of rain in three hours and we'll break down that for your sunday morning and details on a wind advisory that is currently in place-game by the way, you can follow mark and the rest of the ktvu weather team on-line. our meteorologists are keeping up up-to-date on twitter and facebook even when we're not on the air. today people around the globe are working world aids
12:04 am
day with memorial and educational campaigns. in the u.s. entertain janet jackson released a public service announcement. >> did you know that over a million americans are living with hiv? and one in five don't even know they are infecked. know your hiv status, get tested today. >> at the white house, a large redrinon hangs in honor of the 25th aids day. the cdc says more than a quarter of the infections in the us occur in youth and the marketplace of young males who become infected having unprotected sex with orthomale. in oakland they wellness center offered free testing and provides treatment for a number of sexually- transmitted diseases. . san mateo county officials are not sure if two mountain lion cubs spotted in half moon
12:05 am
bay are the same pair someone saw yesterday of the today's sighting came 12:30 near san benito. san mateo county sheriff officials and the state department of fish and game are looking into the sightings. come monday a recount is scheduled in alameda county on measure b that lost by fewer than 800 votes of the measure seeks to raise an existing half- cent transportation sales tax to a full cent. the money raised would go towards public transit and roads. the u.s. navy demissioned the world's first nuclear power the aircraft carrier. thousands of sailors and criminallans gathered at ceremony for the u.s.s. enterprise in norfolk,
12:06 am
virginia. the enterprise played a major role in the cuban missile crisis and vietnam. . the u.s. navy says its team of mine-seeking dolphins is going to get some help from a machine. a 12' unmanned underwater vehicle shaped like a torpedo will come on-line degree up dolphins for port security and retrieving objects from the ocean floor. it was perfect timing. a break in the rain for one of the oakland's favorite holiday traditions. we'll bring you the sights and sounds.
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. you are storm watch coverage continues, heavy rainfall to the north of the bay area. that will be moving in overnight. while you you are sleeping that will be the source of extreme, extreme rainfall rates. like now as you can see the coverage out, there the heaviest rain towards humboldt county around mendocino county and one of the spotter reports already reporting debris flow towards mendocino county at 7:33 this evening. a little bit closer to home, the overall weather pattern and some lingering rain showers as you can see. scattered about the region, nothing too major, but still showers to the fremont, around the livermore region and towards the santa cruz mountains, around highway 17, showing you activities towards scott valley. around fairfield and parts
12:10 am
solano county, the darker shades of green, persistent rainfall and approaching lake counties still some rainfall getting its act together right now. that will be increasing dramatical hi as we do head into the overnight hours. flash flood watch posted for the north bay, san francisco, the san mateo coastline and towards santa cruz county, but we'll have the water piling up around the rest of the region because is basically covering the entire bay area. a wind advisory in place and you probably noticed the winds increasing. winds apprimately of gusting to 50 miles per hour and with that will increase the possibilities of power outages. look at this moisture tap extending down to the pacific. this is basically what we have been calling an atmosphere river directed towards north and central california. here is the next strong storm. this does move in first thick sunday morning. heaviest will be between 4:00
12:11 am
a.m. 10:00. with the threat of mudslides out there. whenever you get that much rain anyway short amount of time that increases the possibility of not only flooding, but mudslides. north bay hills 6". around bay about 1-3" and the santa cruz mountains 5" and as i mentioned we're getting most of this within a short, tiny window for your sunday morning. look at these bright colors pushing into the region, 6:00, excessive rainfall rates at 6:00. and then sliding slowly to the south at 9:00, really targeting the the santa cruz mountains and south bay:and then into the afternoon hours scattered showers. by 3:00 the chance of a shower, but even we could have breaks from the clouds and that will set the stage for a break that we'll be needing by that timeframe. temperatures tomorrow mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s.
12:12 am
some afternoon showers, but decreasing in activity throughout the day. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, partly cloudy into monday. we're tracking a couple of weak systems, very weak, but we could be tracking a few showers by tuesday. some very light showers expected wednesday and more cloud cover on thursday. but maureen and ken, waking up tomorrow morning the rainfall might wake you up and we'll start the morning show at 6:00, both rosemary orozco and bill martin. >> the problem area just basically across the entire region as that one big slough of moisture pushes into the area >> sounds like essential is doing what they can to prepare. >> yes. >> thank you, mash. cowboys, dancing trees and high energy teenagers to entertain a big crowd in downtown oakland this afternoon. >> berkeley high school
12:13 am
cheerleaders were among those taking part in the 13th annual oakland holiday parade. tens of thousands enjoy the speckacle during a well-timed break in the rain. the crowd got to enjoy the holiday floats and a lot live music. ktvu's dave clark an look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet
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. good evening everybody and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. warriors fans admit, you may not see center andrew bogut
12:16 am
play again this season, but tonight against one of the best defensive teams in the nba, they wear aids awareness warm up jerseys. klay thompson canned one of his 3-pointer there. i said it, first place warriors are a scrappy bunch. david lee finely causes pacers to cough up the ball and curry scores 20 points and golden state led by 7 at intermission. no bogut, no problem. curry's shot doesn't go, but landry comes off the bench to score 16 more. outrebounds the pacers. watch jarred jack. nothing better than that, but better. scoring 18. warriors win and they are 10-6.
12:17 am
it's their best start in seven years. the 10-6 warriors are tied for first place in the pacific division with the clippers. even without bogut they have won the rebound battle in 10 games and. ucla clinched their first rose bowl bid since 1999 . this is montee ball and they might as well start working on montee ball right away, because he is a monster. playing nebraska today. melvin gordon duking away, 56 yards, quick 7-0 lead over nebraska.
12:18 am
nebraska looked like they had a pulse when martinez turns trouble into paradise. that is improvisation theater at its best. taylor martinez, 17 yards, 14- 7. wisconsin's montee ball ran for 202 yards three more touchdowns and watch montee battle montee ball go air born. leaping liz lizards:did you hear that, stanford? they rushed for 538 yards. montee ball has an ncaa record 82 career touchdowns, 76 rushing touchdowns is also an ncaa
12:19 am
record. third-ranked georgia led 7- 0 before eddie lacy makes the big placer running for 181 yards. georgia led numerator when the tide attempt afield, but washington blocks it and there goes alex ogletree, 55 yards for the touchdown. bulldogs led. crimson tide ran for 350 yards, but quarterback a.j. mccarron can also pass. mccarron to cooper, bama leads 32-28, 3:15 left on the clock. bulldogs have no time-outs and need to score here or it's over. it's over. bama wins, 32-28 and play notre dame january 27th forst ncaa national championship. 12th-ranked oklahoma and bob stoops visited tcu. that sooner
12:20 am
sensation damien william's second touchdown of the game. oklahoma beats the hornfrogs and sooners became texas longhorn fans because if the hong lorns could beat collin klein and the wildcats oklahoma would own the title outright. but tonight collin klein and kc state beats texas. 75-yard touchdown for baylor and bears led at halftime. baylor also has a supersophomore, his name is lache, seastrunk, lache seastrunk is for real. he pull a happy running here, but still scores the 76-yard touchdown. baylor upsets
12:21 am
23 rd-rank ok state. the beavers hosted nicholls state, a make-up game. markus wheaton with 12 catches. setting the oregon state career record for receptions. oregon state racks up a school record 77 points,points,77-3 is the final. speaking of de la salle, tonight james logan high show its hope for a division i title fall as fast as the rain. it rained steadily, nearly the entire game. in dublin, logan with an impressive 12-1 record. warren miles long put his head down and heads for the 39-yard
12:22 am
and miles will attend northwestern university next year. logan made six turnovers. 35-67 spartan lead. chris williams with a much better walk in the rain, throwing three touchdowns two though buckley. this is a 38 yarder worth 6 points and spartans win 52-7 and de la salle win its 21st straight north coast section crown. coming up we'll preview sunday's [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year.
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world challenge event in 1999 to support his charity foundation. this year, woods had to put in $4 million of his own money to cover operating costs, but tiger still says he will donate his winnings from this 18-man tournament. every one and everything had to deal with the light drizzle at southern california 's sherrwood country club. he got his third round started with this nice chip. that was his only birdie of the front 9, graeme mcdowell came out smoking with a 30' birdie putt. g-mack has a two-shot lead over keegan bradley. 1 golfers compete in this event. check out tiger's approach from 165 yards out? tiger making it roll back for a tap-in birdie. that is his first birdie since the first hole. tiger comes back and he is tied for third, but that is five
12:27 am
behind mcdowell. david beckham said farewell to major league soccer and leaves as a two-time mls champion. beckham and the l.a. galaxy trailed houston dynamo 1-nil today in carson, this was a rematch from last year's mls cup. donovan is rumored to be retiring from the mls, he is the league's all-time score as the galaxy win over houston, 3- 0. bye-bye beckham. tomorrow's contest with cleveland will be blacked out locally, but nobody can will see linebacker, a line barcer. gaither will play and he is
12:28 am
seizing this opportunity to rekindle his career. >> i want to be the catalyst, i guess, and we'll see what happens on sunday. i feel like if i can go in and we can do better. i feel like i played a part in it. so that is my goal, not just to play well myself, but to try to give the entire defense to play better. >> and how about some brunch and football? 49ers and rams kickoff at 10:00 a.m. on ktvu channel 2 and keep it here for the "live point after" show for all the insights and interviews. >>in new york, austin no- doubt trout put his 154-pound record on the libe against madison squared gardens favorite son miguel cotto. trout keeps peppering cotto and makes sure that the biased crowd understands there is a new sheriff in town.
12:29 am
austin trout wins with a clear decision over miguel cotto. 27-0 and new yorkers, you are better believe him. one of the better known characters of the basketball coaching world nick majerus died today. he led utah to the ncaa final 4. he had 50 20-win seasons. as we 64. and that is sports as we see it this saturday edition of sportswrap. your first place warriors beat indiana and we're looking forward to the rams-49ers game to avenge that tie. >> thank you for trusting ktvu and of course the rain is still falling. >> you can see scattered

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